How to Wear a Kimono/Yukata and Tie Obi Sash

You can learn how to on youtube or other sites. There are many when you google it.

Kimono and yukata are different so search accordingly. Yukata obi is simple.   Traditional formal obi for kimono such as Otaiko can be very challenging.
We do offer some books and CD in Japanese as well.

How to put on a Kimono by yourself

How to wear a Kitsuke (Kimono Undergarment)

How to wear a Yukata

How to tie an Obi Sash

For those who want to save time, there are pre-made (pre-tied) obi option. There are bow shaped obi and otaiko shaped obi. For men, pre-made obi has velcro.
Also check your local Japanese community centers and associations for lessons.