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Men's co-ord set (Jinbei & samue)

Jinbei is a 2 piece casual cotton kimono. Top is cross over style with ties on the inside and outside. Bottom is shorts with elastic waist.  
It is a very popular as lounge wear around the house, pajama, or for summer festivals and fireworks.
Most men's jinbei come with opening at off shoulders, loosely stiched with cord for air to pass through.  
Lots of jinbei available in various sizes up to 4L, and colors.   See size chart.

9 products found in Men's co-ord set (Jinbei & samue)

Mens 2pc Jinbei - White with Charcoal Stripes
  • $89.99
Mens 2pc Ultra Light Samue
  • $99.00
Mens 2pc Jinbei - M to XL
  • $78.00
Mens 2pc Samue
  • $119.00
Mens 2pc Jinbei 3L to 4L
  • $88.00
Mens 2pc Samue - Navy with Sashiko Stitching
  • $169.00
Mens 2pc Samue - Navy/Black Shijira ori cotton 3L, 4L
  • $115.00
Mens 2pc Samue - Black with Sashiko Stitching
  • $169.00
Samue - Mens. Denim navy. XL and 4L
  • $169.99