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Women's Obi Sash

Obi sash is a traditional Japanese belt sash for kimono and yukata.

We carry vintage silk embroidered brocade obi sash, and modern polyester obi sash.  Some are Fukuro obi=long one piece obi sash.  Some are Nagoya obi=body part is folded.  Hanhaba obi=half width obi.  

There are many types and sizes, made of different materials.
Fukuro Obi are the most formal obi worn today. They are made of silk with heavy brocade weaves.
There are many ways of tying obi from Otaiko square shape to very elaborate decorative knots.
Just as kimono, obi are true pieces of Japanese art 🇯🇵.
Many people use these obi as home decoration such as table runners or wall hang tapestry. We also make purses with them.

Yukata obi are polyester.  Many are reversible with different color on each side.  Some are patterned.  We also carry pre-made (pre-shaped) obi as well.

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Vintage Nagoya Obi - Green with silver stripes
  • $48.99
  • $35.99
Vintage Obi Age - Orange Shibori
  • $35.00
Vintage Obi Age - Orange
  • $39.00
Vintage Obi Age - Red
  • $39.00