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Japanese fabrics are just so special because they are pieces of art. They represent Japanese culture and traditions.  

Chirimen Crepe
Tango Chirimen crepe has unique fine wrinkles with the touch and texture of silk.
Polyester Chirimen is soft, washable and will not shrink, thus it is used widely.

Kyo Yuzen  (dyeing methods):
Kyo Yuzen is a traditional stencil dyeing technique that originated in the 8th century.
Yuzen allows a complicated pattern of many colours to be dyed. A special technique prevents the colours from running together, resulting in intricate, vibrant patterns.

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Paper Art 3D Puzzle - Horse.
  • $19.00
  • $15.00
Washi Paper Tape Roll - Black Floral
  • $5.50
Washi Paper Tape Roll - Black Floral
  • $5.50