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Furoshiki cloth

Furoshiki is a piece of cloth that has been used to wrap things.  It was traditionally used to wrap gifts, bento boxes, and to carry things.  It is a Japanese eco wrapping cloth.

It is so versatile.  It can be used to wrap items of many shapes from boxes to bottles. It can also be made into a bag.  There are techniques to tie Furoshiki into shapes such as flowers.  Look for Youtube videos on how to use Furoshiki in different ways.


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Cotton furoshiki with sakura designs 21'x21'
  • $10.00

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Furoshiki cloth extra large 38.5"
Cotton Furoshiki cloth 21'x21'
  • $10.00
Reversible Chirimen crepe fabric Furoshiki cloth 17'x17'
  • $15.00

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Reversible Chirimen crepe fabric Furoshiki cloth 26'x26'