Japanese Calligraphy & Yukata Dressing Workshop

Try Japanese Calligraphy with guidance from Master calligrapher Shien.

We will dress you in our yukata so you can take photos in front of our Bamboo forest banner.

Master Calligrapher Shien has been practicing Shodo since childhood and has been teaching calligraphy for over 25 years.

She aspires to connect with the public at an artistic level by showcasing her passion, dedication and creativity that lies behind every brush stroke in Japanese calligraphy.

Date: Saturday, March 11.  2 sessions:

* 1-2:30pm
* 4-5:30pm

$50/person.  6 participants max per session.  Pre-booking required.  https://pacwestkimono.com/products/japanese-calligraphy-workshop-yukata-dressing-on-mar-11?_pos=1&_sid=8cd54bad0&_ss=r